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We strive to strengthen our community by bridging the gap between cultures, building

long-lasting relationships with educators, community leaders, local businesses, and providing services and resources to families in need. A youth member has been present in every aspect of decision making for MMC. From creating

the logo and promotional materials, workshop planning, to bookkeeping, We develop youth regardless of their

socio-economic and academic status. Exposing them to real, life-sustaining skills will allow us to meet them where they are and empower them to become stars.

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Quarterly workshops in collaboration with local businesses and schools to support STARS!

Students will learn skills and gain exposure to workplace readiness, contributing to economic mobility.


Mentoring and academic monitoring for workshop participants.

Workshops are inclusive to all youth but we will provide additional support to participants with a smaller support system.

Supporting Families

Provide resources and emergency funding to families in underserved communities.

We strive to remove every possible barrier that will prevent a STAR from shining

Supporting Educators

Recognition and incentives for educators in low performing schools who show,

  •   an increase in student attendance

  •  an increase in student achievement

  • a decrease in student discipline infractions.

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